Make THIS your competitive edge!

Companies are using basically three kinds of assessments: 360° Feedback, Self-report profiles like the DISC and the Myers-Briggs, and assessment center types where the respondent does a task and is judged on whether or not the task is performed. The Thinking Pattern ProfileTM based on the Hartman Value Profile is most like an assessment center, and therefore is more true a picture of the person being assessed. It cannot be biased, and is a directed, unmediated reflection of how the person actually thinks and makes decisions.

Because of the integrity of the data, persons being assessed are always stunned and delighted at the information it gives them. As a needs assessment tool, it is most thorough and compelling. As a means for deepening appreciation, both of self and of team members, it is unequalled.

Because of the power of the profile, it measures a range of talent, from planning and organization capacities to such variables as common sense thinking, ability to understand what others say, ability to accurately assess people, and willingness to cooperate with teammates or to comply with authority.

Uses of the profile are numerous: assistance in recruiting, creation of amazingly specific development plans, help for clients to discover their real strengths and how to leverage them, the enabling of team members to have a more accurate picture of one another and how to build on each other’s underlying talent and motivation, and coaching of others to come to terms with their own self concept as a source of achievement and motivation, to name a few.

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