Measuring Ethical Climate in an Organization: Aligning for Excellence

Measuring Ethical Climate in an Organization: Aligning for ExcellenceTM

Although the history of economic progress is rich with stories of fraud and dastardly dealings, today public sensitivity to them is more fine-tuned than ever. Ordinary citizens watch their stock funds crumble as a result of duplicitous corporate decisions. To add to the awareness-producing, the media continues to headline corporate fraud and deceit. Words like “Enron,” “WorldCom,” “Merrill Lynch,” “Tyco” have become code words for “crisis in ethics.” Congressmen labor to pass back-breaking auditing laws that serve to ease their previously lax monitoring, but create consternation. Companies establish ethics officers to communicate to the rest of the community that they are upright and above board. And the bad news continues. So frequent have the newcomers in fraud become that we risk becoming oblivious to them, considering them normalcy.

The time is ripe, it seems, to address more vigorously and more deeply than ever before, the issue of organizational ethics. Read more…

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