Enhancing Organizational Performance

In today’s unforgiving economy, your organization can’t afford to have people or process problems. It also can’t afford to hire the wrong group to fix them.

We at the Center for Applied AxioMetrics bring over two decades of proven experience to the work we do with organizations and their people. We have facilitated powerful results at companies such as Chase Manhattan Bank, IBM, Ford Motor Company, Merrill Lynch, Motorola, Texaco, Xerox, and many more. Our award-winning work is backed up by the highest academic credentials and proven, Nobel-nominated research.

Through individual and team facilitation, the Center for Applied AxioMetrics will help you solve individual, interpersonal, process, and structural problems so that yourcompany can achieve its best results. Our specialties include coaching, problem-solving, team processes, and style/skill assessment.

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The heart of our work is the Thinking Pattern ProfileTM. If you are a consultant, find out how you can use the Thinking Pattern Profile to develop new business and to refine and impress the business you currently have.

For more information about our work, please call us or email ktconnor@thinkingpattern.com.